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Question: What time do gates open?

Answer: About 1 hour from the first posted showtime for the day.

Question: When are you opened/closed for the season?

Answer: Our normal season usually runs March through October.


Question: Are you still open if its going to rain?

Answer: Yes, we will usually open even with forecasted rain. We sometimes close due to inclement weather and the website and Facebook are updated immediately if that decision is made. All online tickets are automatically refunded in the event of a closure.


Question: Does the movie continue to play if it starts raining?

Answer: Yes, the only reason a movie would stop playing is if the power goes out or something beyond our control takes us out.


Question: How do we hear the movie?

Answer: There is a designated radio station for each auditorium. This station will be provided to you upon entry of the theater.


Question: Do I have to pay for the second movie?

Answer: No! Our movie pairings are double features for one side of the theater. That means you get both movies on the same side for one price.



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